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The laboratory safety hazard of Drug Inspection Institute of Ordos City

Industry dynamic | Update:2015/7/1 11:05:53

 In order to do a good job in &ldquo, a city to meet the ” work, to ensure that the laboratory safety and orderly operation of the near future, the Ordos City Drug Inspection Institute may lead to laboratory safety accidents were nearly a step investigation and rectification.

 One is the experiment must be flammable and toxic and hazardous chemicals in accordance with their respective attributes, to be arranged properly stored;

 Two is in accordance with the relevant requirements of the various parts of the fire facilities, and the implementation of the various aspects of the fire responsibility;

 Three is the laboratory equipment of hydrogen gas cylinders, nitrogen gas cylinders removed, to hydrogen generator device and PSA pressure swing adsorption nitrogen machine, through the transformation of the laboratory security significantly improve;

 Four of all the staff of the necessary safety knowledge and skills training; five is the laboratory is equipped with a waste collector, and according to the requirements of waste in the process of experiments on the basis of the physical and chemical properties of harmless treatment.