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  Hangzhou Fuyang Landgent Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Fuchun River - Fuyang City, close to 320 National Road, connecting the Nanjing Ningbo Hangzhou Shanghai Expressway, the traffic is very convenient. The company is a professional engaged in compressed air purification device, PSA nitrogen and PSA oxygen generating device, VPSA oxygen generator and other manufacturing enterprises. The company has modern standard plant, and has advanced product testing equipment. Companies always adhere to the "science and technology as the guide, quality of survival," the purpose, to take the scientific and technological, diversified, large-scale development path, bold innovation, to the high-tech industry development.

  The main products are successful PSA nitrogen making machine, oxygen machine, VPSA oxygen generator, nitrogen purification device, no heat regeneration dryer, heat regeneration dryer, heat regeneration dryer, air purification drier, freezing type dryer, filters etc.. Music products are widely used in petrochemical, machinery, metallurgy, coal, electricity, natural gas, bio environmental protection, chemical fiber, rubber, aquaculture, food and medicine, health care and other fields. Play a great role in all walks of life, creating a remarkable economic and social benefits.

  Music into closely rely on the national professional design institute, universities and colleges and universities with independent intellectual property rights of high-tech products, continue to carry out technological innovation, technical cooperation, improve product performance, and create a high quality products. Company strictly follow the ISO9001 international quality system, especially in the selection of raw materials to achieve excellence, the main refrigeration components, pneumatic components are used in foreign brands. First class talents, advanced equipment, strict quality control system for the production of high quality products to provide a solid foundation. Review the history, look to the future, we will insist on adult music smug, development of the concept of quality and efficiency, technology progress, competition for survival, management and development, constantly update the concept, to create high-quality brand products to better meet customer needs.