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 Service products with other tangible products, also stressed that the product should meet the needs of different consumers. Consumer demand can be transformed into specific product features and specifications in tangible products, and the characteristics and specifications of these products are the basis of product production, product improvement and product marketing. But these specific specifications for service products generally like castles in the air. Therefore service enterprises need to clear the essence of "service products" or "service purpose". According to Hess Kate (J.Heskett), the purpose of any service must be able to answer the following questions: what is the important component of the service provided by the service enterprises, the target segmentation market, the overall market, employees and other personnel how to recognize these elements; service purpose of service design, service delivery and service marketing. In defining the service tenet, the following aspects should be considered: the service is provided by the employees, especially those who are interacting with the consumers, so the service purpose of the service enterprises should meet the needs of the customers and meet the needs of employees. From this point of view, the purpose of the service must include a general value view which is in agreement with the majority of employees. Service enterprises also need to make the following efforts in service design, service delivery and service marketing in the definition of service tenet: to ensure adequate supply of goods, to ensure a wide variety of goods, to hire qualified staff, will be the site selection in the convenient traffic location etc.. Many companies in defining the purpose of the service, including the "increase employee self-esteem, enhance employee satisfaction, accelerate the development of self, improve service flexibility" and other content. Service enterprises in the request of the employees to improve the degree of respect for the consumer, the first requirement of employees to enhance self-esteem, enhance the satisfaction of employees to work. Therefore, service enterprises in the definition of the purpose of the service, we must take special consideration of the purpose of service to the employee's skills and the requirements of the employee's personality. Service enterprises in the definition of the purpose of the service, the service system must maintain the consistency of the foreground and background. Simply taking into account the needs of the front, while ignoring the background requirements of the service is not the purpose of success; and vice versa. In addition to the above factors, the purpose of service should be able to express clearly the service enterprise needs to provide what the standard of service, consumers can expect to receive any standards of service. First, the purpose of the service is very important for the service management. In the industrial sector, producers, producers and distributors of the product have few opportunities to direct contact with consumers, and they can only indirectly affect consumer demand through the final tangible products. Service sector is not, service delivery system and employees are part of the service products can not be separated. Service delivery system includes employee ability, employee performance, employee attitude and other factors, which directly affect consumer demand. From this perspective, it is clear that the purpose of service to service management has a guiding significance. Secondly, the purpose of service is easy to be misunderstood. There are two reasons: the first reason is from the employee itself. Service is ubiquitous, and the behavior of employees in the service industry, especially the front desk staff's behavior has some degree of autonomy, these two factors together lead to different degrees of change in behavior, ability, attitude and so on. The second reason comes from the consumers themselves. For example, some students choose the purpose of the international business school is not to study management, they are motivated to stay for some time abroad, which led to some students do not want to study hard, some students do not have the necessary to go abroad (Language) skills. To avoid a similar situation, service companies need to make a clear definition of the organization's service concept, clear the company's service purpose for consumers and employees of the specific meaning.